Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Professional’s Guide to Semi-Appropriate Self-Diversion at the Office

Sometimes I have nothing to do at work. Literally, nothing. And although there’s significantly less 100% Free Time On-The-Job as when I first got here – you know, back when I spoke zero Japanese and was re-familiarizing myself with the fundamentals of English grammar; that year-long period when other English teachers would rather not seek my counsel about anything ever, because they got tired of watching and waiting while I googled their queries, verbatim – I’d say there are still 6-8 hours per week during which I’m at school and I must remain at school and there’s nothing productive/significant for me to do/contribute. Or else it’s a Tuesday morning and I’m really hung-over and I can’t be bothered to do anything I don’t absolutely have to. Like walk. Or eat. Point is, sometimes I get bored at work.

The following is a manual for all decent, diligent employees who frequently find themselves sitting at their desks, not talking to anyone, temporal ridge throbbing hardcore. Sometimes our bosses/managers/supervisors/administrators/chieftains just don’t appreciate all we do. Agonize not. There’s teaching, learning, self-amusement and self-actualization to be done. Here, introduced via some very important quotations, are my suggestions:

My school. My office. My dungeon. My mistress. My sanctuary.  
1)      Shakespeare says:
“All the world’s a stage;
And all the men and women are merely players.”

Jake Sensei says: