Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is to write about Japan from my not-so-objective POV. Japan is a series of islands located somewhere between Hawaii and Paris. Japanese is not spoken anywhere else in the world. I currently live in Japan and am employed as a junior high school English teacher and basketball coach. I have my own house and my house is in the mountains of southern Nagano Prefecture, where they held the first Winter Olympics (1998) I can actually remember1. My Japanese language aptitude is pretty much a disgrace. I claim zero authority on all things Japan-related. I'm rarely perspicacious or funny. I did not go to school for writing. Blogging sucks. Enjoy.

1. This is probably only because, by the age of 12, I was totally obsessed with bobsledding. I was obsessed with bobsledding for same reason all professional bobsledders (is that a real thing?) post 1993 originally got into bobsledding: Cool Runnings. I was obsessed with Cool Runnings for a more personal reason though: I had a thing for Jamaica. I mean, common. Bob Marley. Jerk Chicken. Weed (the idea of it). Dreads. A cool flag. The best accent ever. Some cutthroat sport where they push hand-operated, handmade go-karts down some seriously steep island-rubble trails. These are the things a 12yr old mostly-white boy from the bucolic hills of Northeast USA obsesses over. Admittedly, I had been semi-aware of the '96 Atlanta Summer Olympics. But that's only because America is the best.

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